Why use Tippett Creek Dog Soap?

Our goal is simple; we want to make you and your dog happier and healthier. To us this means an easier and less stressful bath time, it means natural, quality ingredients tailored to your dogs needs, and it means our products need to provide a clean, soft and odor free coat that both you and your dog can enjoy.

At Tippett Creek Dog Soap, our handcrafted soap bars not only cleanse, but they replenish natural oils and leave your pup smelling fresh. All products used to formulate our bars are 100% natural, fragrance free, and have been chosen just for your pup! Because your dog deserves the best. Naturally.

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Is Your Dog Shampoo Safe?

Is Your Dog Shampoo Safe?

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Stephanie L
Sherrill, New York

I have 2 dogs a small breed and a lab mix. I gave my small dog a bath first and instantly his white coat was so beautiful! My lab mix which she has skin issues it has changed her coat so much, it's so soft and healthy now! This soap is amazing and smells good too!!

Clanay R
Murrieta, California

I love these soaps. They smell so AMAZING!! We love that all the products are 100% natural and contain no harsh ingredients. Which is a big plus in my book because since one of dogs is albino his skin is very sensitive. Other soaps would irritate him and make his skin red. But these soaps are amazing and not harsh on his skin at all. His hair looks amazing after the bath & super soft and the little red bumps he had aren't red anymore the soap helped soothe his skin. The soaps lather up amazing and really get our dogs clean. They do not leave behind any greasy feeling like other soaps have left our dogs in the past. We give these soaps a 10/10 and definitely will be recommending them to everyone. And we will stocking up on these soaps for our pack.

Heather W
Winterville, North Carolina

I have a goldendoodle and a pyredoodle for a grand total of 160 pounds of white doodle. This soap is a lifesaver. It cuts bath time by two thirds, easily. The dogs like the smell and it's so easy to scrub them with the soap as opposed to liquid cleaners. My pyredoodle has had some skin irritation issues in the past but since we switched to this soap a few weeks ago, it's clearing up nicely. Their fur feels great. We will definitely be buying more!

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