Our Story

Tippett Creek Dog Soap is dedicated to providing natural alternatives to typical dog shampoo. We strive to develop the highest quality soap bars using 100% natural ingredients that not only cleanse, but replenish natural oils in your dog's coat. We understand that just like humans, not all dogs are created equal. That's why our products are carefully handcrafted in small batches formulated specifically for different types of dog hair.

Tippett Creek Dog Soap is owned and operated by a husband and wife team who are driven by their passion for dogs and natural products. As dog owners of a lab and a peekapoo with sensitive skin, it was a struggle to find dog shampoos that didn't leave our pups dry and itchy. We are avid DIY'ers who believe sometimes you just need to do things yourself to get it right. Some of the time, it gets us into trouble doing home renovation projects we have no business doing (masonry is not our specialty!). But this time, we think we got it right with the development of Tippett Creek Dog Soap and our all natural dog soap bars. And with backgrounds in Chemical and Mechanical Engineering, the move made perfect sense...we think. When we get feedback from other dog owners that Tippett Creek Dog Soap helped their pup, it makes it all worthwhile.

Meet Our Team

 Max - Quality

 Macy - Security

 Kayla and Matt - Everything Else