Our Story

Tippett Creek Dog Soap is dedicated to providing natural alternatives to typical dog shampoo. We strive to develop the highest quality soap bars using 100% natural ingredients that not only cleanse, but replenish natural oils in your dog's coat. Our products are carefully handcrafted in small batches formulated specifically for your dog's needs.

Tippett Creek Dog Soap is owned and operated by a husband and wife team (mostly wife) who are driven by their love for dogs and passion for natural products. As dog owners of a 100 pound lab and a 10 pound peekapoo with sensitive skin, we learned a few things:

  1. When you have a 100 pound lab who hates getting a bath, the struggle is real.
  2. Different dogs have very different needs in a grooming product.
  3. Even little dogs love to roll in EVERYTHING.
  4. Typical shampoo often contains harmful ingredients - this one goes for both you and your dog.
  5. Most importantly, dogs are your best friend, your children, your siblings and your cuddle buddy. In this relationship, regular baths with quality products make both you and your furry friend happier and healthier.

It’s because of this experience that we created Tippett Creek Dog Soap and we take all of this into account as we develop our products. Our goal is simple; we want to make you and your dog happier and healthier. To us this means an easier and less stressful bath time, it means natural, quality ingredients tailored to your dogs needs, and it means our products need to provide a clean, soft and odor free coat that both you and your dog can enjoy.

Our Products

We accomplish this with our products in a few different ways:

  • A soap bar you can hold in one hand and rub directly on
  • Superior lather that reduces the amount of scrubbing and product you use
  • Ingredients that can help calm and relax your pup during a bath
  • Bars for different coats, sensitive skin, and those hard to remove odors
  • Ingredients that leave your dog's coat soft and lustrous
  • 100% natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced and promote a healthier coat

Meet Our Team

 Max - Quality

 Macy - Security

 Kayla and Matt - Everything Else